Outdaughtered The Busby Kids Answered All The Hard Questions!

OutDaughtered fans are in for a treat. The Busby quints were recently interviewed before back to school. Keep reading to find out what the girls have to say in this adorable interview.

The interview begins with each of the girls introducing themselves. Each of the girl’s shares their full name. Except for Olivia. She’s quick to let viewers know “some people call me Lulu.”

What do the Busby kids want to be when they grow up?

Outdaughtered The Busby Kids Answered All The Hard Questions!

Adorably, the interview even features a flashback to the girls introducing themselves from last year’s video. Then it moves on to some hard questions. Each of the girls shares what they want to be when they grow up. Blayke wants to be a veterinarian or a zoologist. Following in her big sister’s footsteps, Riley also wants to be a veterinarian. Hazel wants to be an astronaut. Olivia sweetly answers that she wants to be Cinderella and her twin sister, Ava, wants to be Elsa. Lastly, Parker goes on to give an elaborate story about how she wants to be a firefighter.

What are the girls’ favorite songs?

The next question is what are the girls’ favorite songs. It seems like the Busby kids answer this question in rapid-fire. Riley says that her favorite song is “Low.” Parker’s favorite song is “Party in the USA.”  Not sure what Olivia means when she says her favorite song is “I Hope.” Ava says hers is “Baby.” Lastly, Blayke shares that her favorite song is “Loved by You.” After some clarification from their dad, Adam Busby, fans learn that Hazel’s favorite song is from the movie Sing. 

The girls’ favorite thing to do

Olivia starts by answering this question. She shares that her favorite thing to do “is watching TV, and color, and play with my cousins.” Hazel likes to play on the playground. Parker’s favorite thing to do is a little unclear. According to the closed captions on the video, Parker says “I took cash.” Riley shares that she likes to paint. Like Olivia, Blayke likes to play with her cousins. Blayke also says she likes to play basketball. To wrap it up, Riley goes into a long explanation about why she likes PE.

What makes them happy?

Outdaughtered The Busby Kids Answered All The Hard Questions!

Parker starts off answering the question of what makes you happy. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what she says. Then, Hazel says without hesitation, “pickles.” Riley likes to play in the pool. Ava likes to eat ice cream. Sweetly, Blayke explains that one-on-one time with her parents makes her happy.

What makes the sad?

Most of the girls have a hard time thinking about something off the top of their heads that makes them sad. Ava has an answer. She doesn’t like when she has to go back inside or can’t play outside. They circle back to the other girls. Heartbreakingly, Blayke says “my puppies that died.”  Then Hazel shares that she traded something with “Livia” and she also lost her new stuff.

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