OutDaughtered Hazel Busby Fearless Taming A Huge Beast!

OutDaughtered parents Danielle and Adam Busby took their six kids on an adventure at the local zoo. The Texas zoo featured a safari-like experience with a team that gets close to the wild animals. Quint Hazel Busby showed how fearless she’s become as she tames a wild beast. Keep reading for all the details about the Busby family fun day.

Hazel Busby stands out from her sisters

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby Fearless Taming A Huge Beast!

Many OutDaughtered fans complain that they can’t tell twins Ava and Olivia apart. However, there’s no mistaking sweet Hazel Busby. From her fiery red hair to her cute glasses, the youngster is easily spotted.

Adam and Danielle have been open about how Hazel’s physical challenges keep her a little behind her sisters. She wears glasses due to a condition called nystagmus, which causes uncontrollable eye movements. Hazel wears glasses to help correct the issue.

However, the condition also affects her balance and coordination. In fact, she sat out of going to cheer camp over the summer with her sisters due to her poor balance.

To many viewers, Hazel is the ‘underdog’ in the family and holds a special place in their hearts. One could even say that the red-headed quint is a fan favorite.

OutDaughtered family’s weekend adventure

Of course, parents try to never play favorites with their children. Adam and Danielle Busby do their best to spend time individually with each of their six daughters. The large brood also enjoys family time together, as they did over the weekend. The late September family fun day was spent at the Bayou Wildlife Zoo in Alvin, Texas.

Hazel Busby tames the wild beast 

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby Fearless Taming A Huge Beast!

During the tram ride, Hazel Busby got up close and personal with a HUGE beast. Her mom, Danielle, shared a series of sweet snapshots of the wild animal-loving on Hazel. That’s right – not even Water Buffaloes can resist the quint’s charm. See the adorable photos of Hazel and her new large furry friend:

Danielle shares love for Zebras

Not all of the animals at the zoo were fearsome. Danielle Busby shared a photo on her Instagram Stories of the Zebra enclosure. One of the striped animals stands close to the tram with the Busby girls looking on in wonder.

Danielle wrote about her love for the animal in the photo. She wrote called Zebras “beautiful” and “magical” beings.

Parker and Hazel get silly over frothy drinks

Facing down a huge beast clearly worked up Hazel’s appetite. Adam Busby shared some video clips of the family’s after-zoo dinner.  Instagram account @sourcesbusby snagged a screenshot of a silly moment between Hazel and Parker.

Parker booked Hazel’s nose with whip cream from their frothy drinks. The photo was originally posted on Adam Busby’s Instagram Stories with the words, “GOTCHA! LOL”

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