Our romantic getaway was destroyed when Wizz Air diverted our flight to an airport 400 miles from the hotel.


A COUPLE shared their story of how their romantic getaway was turned into a nightmare when their WizzAir flight was diverted to another airport 400 miles away.

Ben Hall, 42, was looking forward to a brief break in Dubrovnik (Croatian), with his wife. However, their trip was ruined when the airline diverted their flight from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. “abandoned” them.

The pair was looking forward to their romantic getaway but got stranded in Zagreb


The couple was excited for their romantic getaway, but were stranded in Zagreb.Credit: Getty
Passengers were forced to sleep on the floor


Passengers had to sleep on the ground.Credit: Twitter
Passengers were promised they would be taken by bus to their destination


The promise was made to passengers that they would be transported by bus to their destinationCredit: Twitter

Ben, a Sheffield resident, stated that the couple, along with other passengers, were left alone and forced to spend the night at an airport.

After a delay of three hours from Luton in Bedfordshire, the flight was rerouted towards the capital, which is an eight-hour drive away from Dubrovnik.

100 passengers on the flight were not transferred to their destination bus despite being promised.

Ben told MailOnline: “First, we were informed that the flight was delayed for three hours because the plane did not have a captain or cabin crew. We had to ask staff to take their day off and travel to Luton so they could work on the plane.

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“When we finally took off, it was 20 minutes before the scheduled landing time. The pilot spoke over the speaker and said that high winds prevented us from landing so we would be heading to Split instead.

“Five minutes later, he returned to the speaker and said that Split airport was closed so we couldn’t use the runway. Nobody understood what was going on.

“Then we started to descend, and the pilot came back on the speaker and said we were descending to Zagreb airport and that staff would arrange coaches to take us to Dubrovnik.”

Soon after they learned that the journey could take eight-hours, the passengers realized it was going to be a long one.

Ben stated that Wizz air sent an email to his apology for waiting so long. It said that they would be “unable to sort a bus out”They are your best friends.

He claimed that the airport was closed and Zagreb’s hotels were full. No rental car companies were open at that moment.

He said, “Taxis quoted 1,000 Euros to take people, claiming it was an 800-mile round trip.

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“There were people falling asleep in their wheelchairs, newborn babies crying and parents saying they had no sterilised bottles left. People were sleeping on the floor everywhere.”

Wizz Air has been reached out for comment. 


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