Only Murders at The Oscars Steve Martin Responds To Lobby After He and Martin Short Are Invited to Host Oscars

Only Murders at The Oscars Steve Martin Responds To Lobby After He and Martin Short Are Invited to Host Oscars

After ABC announced that it would host the Oscars for the first-time in three years, the Oscar search is heating up. There are many names that have been mentioned, including Tom Holland. Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson. There are still many names of past hosts, including Jimmy Kimmel and Whoopi Goldberg. A different past host has also been mentioned. Only Murders are allowed in this Building’s Steve Martin. In this case, it wasn’t Martin who threw his name out there. After hearing all this hoopla, The Dozen is CheaperStar responded to Martin Short and him being lobbied to host Oscars.

The Only Murders are allowed in this BuildingThe Hulu series shows that co-stars can be a hilarious comedy duo. But that isn’t a fluke given the years of laughter the comedians have delivered to audiences. Martin Short and Steve Martin have teamed up several times. This is a good sign for hosting Oscars. This was followed by another comedian genius. Judd Apatow was the one to follow. TwitterMartin and Short are the perfect hosts for the ceremony.  

I would love to host Steve Martin or Martin Short. It would be pure joy. We need it.

Apatow was all for the comedy, which brought joy and laughter to people going through difficult times. Martin and Short would provide the laughters, while also mocking the nominations and the awards show. Steve Martin spotted the hosting campaign via the internet and the Knocked upDirector were all there to make this happen. Martin fashion, the Father of the BrideStar hopped on Twitter to give his take on Judd Apatow’s suggestion.

We didn’t do that well hosting the Golden Globes this year.

Martin obviously had to be funny about the entire Golden Globes situation. Imagine how different the Globes would’ve been had Martin and Short hosted the show. Hollywood Foreign Press had to announce the winners via Twitter because they were not allowed to host the show due Hollywood’s shunned. The result? Three AmigosCo-stars were more successful for hosting the maligned ceremony.

This wouldn’t be the first time Steve Martin’s name has been synonymous with the Oscars. The JerkStar was the master of ceremonies at the Academy Awards in 2001 and 2003. He also served as the host for 2010. Martin opened Oscars 2020’s ceremony with Chris Rock even though it was not hosted. While The Pink PantherIcon hosted icon three times. This was the first time Martin Short was brought up in conservation. This was not surprising considering Short has hosted many sketch comedy and variety shows. Their 2018 comedy special could be an indication of some fun times, and they would make a great addition to the awards show.

After a few performances on the big stage, Steve Martin was less than enthusiastic about taking on the Oscar gig. Martin Short and Steve Martin might have to work around the Holland and Davidson hurdles if they are to host. Even if Short and Martin don’t co-host the Oscars, viewers can still witness their amazing dynamic by streaming Only Murders are allowed in this Building on Hulu. Season 2 will have even more zaniness.

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