One Company Uses Coffee Grounds and Recycled Bottles to Make Sneakers

All it takes is 21 cups of coffee to create one heck of a caffeine buzz, or a new pair of sneakers.

This may sound insane, but it could be the newest trend for sustainable fashion.

Rens, a Finnish company, has made waterproof sneakers from old coffee grounds.

With over 23 million tons of coffee trash produced worldwide each year, they have plenty of material. Only 5% is recycled from that coffee waste.

“We actually took it and mixed it with recycled plastic pellets made from used water bottles,” Rens co-founder Jesse Tran said.

Although it may seem innocent to drink coffee every morning, experts warn that methane is produced by coffee grounds as they are broken down. Scientists say methane, a greenhouse gas, is 30 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide.

“We want to be a brand where we make sustainable products, but they are cool,” Rens co-founder Son Chu said. “They have really cool functions. People can actually use them.”

Rens said that once more people are wearing coffee grounds as sneakers they will be able to expand into clothing.

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