One Benefit of Strength Training that might surprise you

One Benefit of Strength Training that might surprise you

Strength training can also help you feel less depressed. Strength training can help you gain muscle mass and strength. This is particularly true when compared with cardio-focused activities like running and walking. According to NBC NewsIt is an excellent option for those who want instant gratification and have trouble sticking to a workout routine when they don’t see immediate results. “If you put someone on a walking program, it will take time before they perceive their body is changing,”Jeffrey A. Katula (PhD), associate professor of health-related exercise science at Wake Forest University. “But with strength training, you can feel a difference in your muscles even after one session.”

According to HealthlineStrength training can help you burn calories more effectively, reduce stomach fat, improve your tone, and make you look leaner. Strength training can reduce the chance of you falling or injuring your self. You will also be able correct any mistakes you make before they happen. Strength training can help you control your blood sugar levels, and it can improve your bone health. Strength training might be something you should add to your exercise program.

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