Omicron Covid variant Warning: This Omicron Covid variant can cause ‘CHAOS’ in schools

PARENTS are urging children to be exempted from isolation rules, as the Omicron variant could cause CHAOS at schools.

There have been three confirmed cases in the UK of this new variant. There are fears that vaccines might not work against it.

It has been warned new measures could cause chaos in the classroom


New measures have been warned that they could create chaos in the classroomCredit: Getty

Scientists in southern Africa discovered it.

The UK Health Security Agency also warned that it was “very likely” further Omicron cases will be discovered in the coming days.

Close contacts of Omicron-positive people will be given the opportunity to isolate for ten consecutive days in an effort to control the strain.

Ministers warn that plans to control the strain could lead to a repetition of the chaos in classrooms caused by Covid rules this summer.

Numerous children missed weeks of school due to the isolation they needed after being exposed to coronavirus.

Molly Kingsley is a founder and spokesperson for UsForThem, according to The Telegraph “We learnt from summer that forcing healthy children to isolate was an unmitigated disaster.”

Miss Kingsley stated that children should not be exempt from the law. This will make it disastrous for their ability to learn.

She swore that bringing back school rules would make her mad. “unforgivable” “shameful”.

This comes after Steve Baker MP, deputy-chair of the Covid Recovery Group warned that isolation rules could lead to severe consequences “chaos”The classroom.

Wycombe, the MP, stated that the move would not be stopped. “cause collateral harms like damage to children’s education”.

He asked for explanations from the government about when he was able to do so. “all of this”

An union of teachers has demanded that Christmas activities such as concerts, nativities, and end-of-term trips be canceled due to the discovery of a new strain.

To stop the spread of Omicron Covid mutant Omicron Covid, pupils in Year Seven or above were instructed to wear masks to school.

Secondary school students “strongly advised”According to the Department of Education, they will be wearing face coverings again in corridors and assemblies.

This comes as health chiefs have confirmed that the third Omnicron variant has been found.

After it was revealed that the latest confirmed case had visited the UK before, there were extensive contacts tracing efforts in Westminster.

But Health Secretary Sajid Javid dismissed calls for a further lockdown.

The UK Health Security Agency warned, however, that they were. “very likely” further Omicron cases will be discovered in the coming days.

Parents are worried the new rules will see kids miss valuable learning time


Parents worry that the new rules could cause their children to miss important learning time.Credit: Getty

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