Olly Stephens: Teen killers jailed over stabbing murder of autistic boy, 13

Two teenagers have been jailed for their roles in the murder of Olly Stephens.

Two 14-year-old boys from Reading were sentenced to 13 and 12 years in young offenders institutions for the murder of an autistic boy.

Olly, 13 years old, was lured to Bugs Bottom, Emmer Green, Reading by two teenage boys.

Olly was attacked by one of the teenage boys. The first boy, who was only 13, started to fight him before the second boy pulled out a knife.

Olly was twice stabbed, once in the chest 9cm deep and once in the back 17cm deep.

Despite the efforts of paramedics, a member the public and other rescuers, he died soon afterwards.

Olly believed he was going to meet a girl for some tobacco, but he was confronted immediately by the boys.

Stuart and Amanda Stephens
Olly’s parents Stuart and Amanda Stephens outside Reading Crown Court ahead of the sentencing today

The boys were convicted by a jury at Reading Crown Court in the summer of this year.

The court was told how both boys had “grievances” with Olly.

The girl who was not brought to trial previously admitted to manslaughter and perverting justice.

For legal reasons, the two boys and the girl, who are now all 14 years old, cannot be identified.

Investigators at a forensic tent in Bugs Bottom field, Emmer Green, in Readin
Police investigators at the scene in Bugs Bottom field where Olly was murdered

In a statement following the trial, Olly’s family said: ”He made people laugh, he could dance with the best of them, and he gave his love freely.

“His sense of humour and his wicked comic timing had us and his friends in stitches many a time.

“He was warm, kind, soulful, a deep thinker and a great carer to those around him.

“He was loyal and trusted people to a fault.

Stuart and Amanda (centre) Stephen
Pictured with Amanda Stephens (centre), Stuart reads a statement today to the court during sentencing.

“He would never back down from a fight, he would defend those that couldn’t or wouldn’t defend themselves.”

As reported by Berkshire Live, speaking in July after the teens were convicted, Charles White, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said “Olly was the victim of a violent and senseless attack, which tragically left him with fatal injuries”.

“Our case was that the three teenagers had planned the attack together and the two boys, armed with a knife, set out to the park intending to cause Olly serious harm.

Funeral procession of 13 year old Olly Stephens who was fatally stabbed in Emmer Green, Reading, Berkshire on 3rd Jan 2021.
A number of local residents lined the streets during Olly’s funeral procession

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“All three disposed of evidence linking them to Olly’s death including shared videos and messages, but their digital footprint proved to be their undoing.

“The evidence retrieved from their phones and social media accounts played a vital part in the case we presented to the jury, which has today found both boys guilty of Olly’s murder.”

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