Old Lady Hides a Camera To Find Out Why Food Disappearing from Her Fridge! True Story

An old lady decided to embrace technology to discover the reason why her food kept going missing from her fridge — it was the best decision she ever made. 

It all started six months ago. Velma was an octogenarian living alone who discovered that there was no cheese or bacon in her fridge.

She thought nothing at first. It could be that she had run out of the cheese or forgotten to replenish her stock. She accepted that it was old age, even though it scared her a little because she was slowly losing her cognitive abilities.

A few days after the first disappearance, she noticed that even more items had been vanishing from her fridge. Velma decided that she would clean out her home and walk around the perimeter looking for signs of rats or other animals.

Everyone knows raccoons are despicable, smart enough to get into closed compartments, she thought.

Velma was certain she wouldn’t have heard them if they found a way in, as she has hearing impairments. Afraid that she was beginning to experience symptoms of dementia, she visited her doctor for a diagnosis.

“Is there a disease that can make me do something at night and not remember that I did it in the morning?” Paul Wilson was her doctor.

“What, you mean sleepwalking?” her doctor asked, concerned.

“No, it’s not that,” she replied. “I could have sworn I would know if I left my bed at such an ungodly hour.”

“Perhaps you should see a psychotherapist,” Dr. Wilson suggested.

“Thank you, I will,” Velma stated that even though she did not intend to see a psychotherapist, it was something she felt strongly about.

She knew something was up, but it was not her fault. She took a detour on her way back to the hospital.

“I’ll prove it wasn’t me,” She explained to herself. “I’ll use technology to do it.” 

She visited an electronics shop and bought a mini camera that she could hide, as well as a monitor to view the footage. She thought it would be sufficient to discover what was happening at her home.

When she got home, the first place she went was where her refrigerator was. It was again taken. It had been robbed of some slices of bread and bacon.

“No, I can’t be a lunatic,” She thought to herself.

The camera was hidden in a drawer, and she returned to her bedroom with the monitor. Her head touched her pillow and she fell asleep.

The camera was recording everything, but her kitchen was invaded by quiet footsteps later that night. They belonged to Esme, a young immigrant woman.

Velma knew something was wrong. Velma had moved to the United States from Mexico years ago. She was living with John, her good-for-nothing boyfriend. John treated Velma like garbage because he knew that she had no other place to go.

She had crossed over from Mexico some years back and was living with her boyfriend, a good-for-nothing man named John who treated her like trash because he knew she had nowhere else to go.

He kept her on a leash because she was very beautiful. If he felt she was acting up, John would threaten to report her to the authorities. This would result in her being deported.

John used to starve Esme because he believed she was becoming too chubby and preferred skinny women. Esme was feeling hungry one day and John had locked the fridge and pantry.

That day, she decided to beg for some food from Velma, who, unknown to her, was gone visiting a friend. Esme was so desperate to get an answer when she knocked at Velma’s front door, but no one answered, she decided to try the handle and see if anybody was actually home.

The door opened. Velma hadn’t locked the door that day. Esme couldn’t resist the urge and so she entered. She headed straight to the fridge, where she found plenty of food.

Esme selected some and discovered a spare lock key on the wall. It was her decision to take it with her.

Esme was able to unlock the door since Velma hadn’t locked it that day.

The way she saw it, Velma would be too old to notice, and she was right to an extent. Velma did not know that Velma’s spare key had been taken, but she was aware that Velma’s food had been altered.

But on that fateful night when Velma decided to keep a watch on her fridge, Esme sneaked into the older woman’s kitchen, unaware of the camera. Esme took butter, bacon, and sausages.

Velma then viewed the recording the next day. Imagine her shock when Esme stole from her. But how did she do it? Velma wondered how she got in as she viewed the footage.

Then she remembered her missing spare key, and it all fell into place. Later that day she visited Esme, while John was at work, and showed her the footage.

Esme was scared. Velma was anxious to report the incident but she stopped after realizing that the younger woman was crying. “Your crocodile tears won’t move me, you’ve committed a crime,” Velma bluffed. She wanted to find out why Esme did the things she did.

“John shames me for being overweight and has forbidden me from eating in his house. I got pregnant but he has refused to believe the baby is his because he thinks I’m just trying to force him into marriage so I can become a full citizen. I resorted to pilfering food from your refrigerator because I feared for my child. I am very sorry!” Esme was tearful as she narrates the story.

Velma wanted Velma to report the matter, but she stopped when Esme began to cry. Velma was so moved by Esme that she made arrangements for Esme to move in with them.

Velma was moved, so much so that she arranged to have Esme move in with her. She convinced John to leave her, but he refused to accept the idea.

He reported Esme’s behavior to authorities. However, Velma (a retired government worker) had filed to adopt Esme. This made her a full-fledged citizen through family affiliation.

Esme took care of the elderly woman over the following months, and she named her child after Velma, her grandmother, when she gave birth.

What did we learn from this story?

  • Don’t steal. Velma should have reported Esme for stealing to the authorities. Esme could easily go to jail. Velma did her best to not tell Esme because she heard her story. But not everyone is so lucky. She would have been well within her rights to call the theft in and have Esme arrested. No matter the motive behind it, theft is wrong.
  • No matter where you are located, tell the truth. Esme survived because Velma was told the truth about her crimes. Although it was enough to win Velma’s trust, it would have been different if she chose to lie. She spoke the truth even though she was in serious trouble and it helped her to be free.

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