Nurse shares four signs your child needs to see a doctor if they’re bitten by a spider

A MUM was horrified when she found a spider crawling inside her babies’ nappy – as nurses revealed the four times you should go to the doctor.

The Australian mum shared a photo of her horrifying discovery to the Facebook group, CPR Kids, to warn other parents what to do during peak spider season.

A mum was horrified to find a spider in her babies nappy


A mum was horrified to find a spider in her babies nappyCredit: Facebook/CPRKids

The Facebook page is run by registered nurses who explain that some spider bites are more detrimental than others, such as the funnel-web and redback spiders in Australia, which are lethal.

Parents living down under need to be extra cautious during peak spider season that runs from October to March, but her advice was beneficial to all parents.

Experts reveal that spiders are often found in children’s clothes, shoes and toys, as they explain what to do if your child gets bitten.

Although not as deadly, other spider bites can cause your child discomfort and swelling, so it is important to take action.

Sharing the picture of the baby’s nappy with the spider, the admin of the Facebook group explained that avoiding spiders can be difficult.

“Spiders hang out everywhere – in play equipment, toys, beds, and shoes – an uncomfortable truth,” they said.

With some areas in Australia currently in lockdown, more families are going on more outdoor excursions than ever.

The CPR group nurses explain that many bites only require an ice pack to reduce the swelling, but there are four reasons you should go to the GP.

The nurses advise that if your child’s pain is persistent, the bite looks infected, or if your child starts to feel unwell with symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, sweating or headaches, it is important to go to a professional.

Also, they say that if you ever suspect the bite is from a funnel web or redback spiders you should immediately call your doctor.

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Spiders you should be wary of are revealed.


Spiders you should be wary of are revealed.Credit: Getty
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