Inside Don Lemon’s $4.3 Million Mansion

Don Lemon is constantly being scrutinized for his lavish lifestyle and luxurious mansion. CNN anchor Don Lemon doesn’t let criticisms bother him. He is living his best life. After outgrowing their home, he and Tim Malone moved into their $4.3 million Sag Harbor house.

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The #1 best-selling New York Times author of “This Is The Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism” is one of the famous American journalists and a news anchor on “Don Lemon Tonight.” Besides being a news anchor, he is also a correspondent across CNN/U.S. Programming. Lemon graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in broadcast journalism. While in college, he worked as a WNYW news assistant in New York.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana on March 1, 1966, Lemon was born. He worked as a weekend anchor at local stations in Alabama, Pennsylvania, and later as a reporter. Lemon then worked as a reporter for NBC on its shows, such as “Today” and NBC Nightly News, then joined CNN in 2006, also as a reporter.

He then rose to prominence as a host of “CNN Tonight” starting in 2014. Lemon has also been awarded the Edward R. Murrow Prize and three Regional Emmy Awards. He also received awards for his reporting on Hurricane Katrina and the AIDS epidemic in Africa. In 2009, Ebony named him one of the 150 “Most Influential Blacks in America.” In 2014, he was mentioned in the “Worst journalism” list of that year.


The couple who met in New York in 2015 began dating in the summer of 2016, became Instagram official in April 2017, and got engaged in April 2019. The couple shared a moment of intimacy during the 2018 New Year’s Eve celebration. They also shared a live broadcast as they rang the year in at the Spotted Cat in New Orleans.

Ever since they went public with their relationship, the couple who live happily together constantly show off each other as they share updates with their followers. Malone also shares updates about life at home with their dogs—Barkley, Boomer, and Gus Gus. After their engagement, the couple decided to hold their marriage until after the pandemic because they believe more important things are happening globally.


In 2021, Lemon sold his New York Harlem three-bedroom condo years after he had purchased a quaint cottage in Sag Harbor. Because it was the smaller of his two spaces he had designed the space as an open-concept layout, with two bedrooms.

His 2,750 square-foot four-bedroom Sag Harbor house is considered his sanctuary. While the furnishings and decor do not reflect any particular style or point-of-view, it is a mix of eclectic styles that makes the home feel livable. He wanted a home, so he created one that’s warm, comfortable, and masculine. He believes buying the house was one of the best decisions he made. The house has brought him joy and changed his life.

He decided to live in Sag Harbor because he feels there is something spiritual about the place. He loves to hang around the village and even hosted friends to a festive barbecue in June 2021 for the annual Pride parade. With him being very vocal about his beliefs in his news segment, not many people are fans of his luxurious lifestyle. He has been accused several times of flaunting his wealth and lifestyle as many people suffer.

Some have questioned his decision to live in Sag Harbor, and they take to Twitter to express their opinions. One use once referred to him as “a VERY rich privileged elitist.” In 2019, he was sued by Dustin Hice for an unprovoked and offensive assault that allegedly occurred at Murf’s Backstreet Tavern in Sag Harbor in July 2018. Lemon strongly denied the claim. CNN spokesperson said that Lemon had denied the claim. Lemon had been threatened with violence and demanded exorbitant sums by the plaintiff.

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