Now dropping litter could land you a £500 fine as on-the-spot penalties set to TRIPLE in anti-social behaviour crackdown

DROPPING litter could now land you a £500 fine – with on-the-spot penalities set to triple in an anti-social behaviour crackdown.

The current maximum penalty of £150 for littering or spraying graffiti will increase threefold under government plans.

You could be fined £500 for littering


You could be fined £500 for litteringCredit: Getty

Environment minister Rebecca Pow said that the maximum fine for fly-tipping will also rise from £400 to £1,000.

Money raised from the fines is set aside by councils for cleaning up of blighted area.

Mrs Pow said: “Littering and fly-tipping are cynical and opportunistic crimes – damaging wildlife, creating eyesores and ruining our enjoyment of the great outdoors.

The punishment for criminals that cause harm to others should also be appropriate.

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The anti-social conduct action plan details how the councils can take even more severe action to punish those who cause harm in our public areas.

“Today we’re taking the next step towards raising the limit on fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping from £400 to £1,000.

This will discourage potential offenders and ensure that anyone who does so is brought to justice.

Therese coffey, the Environment Secretary said that “everyone hates people who litter and dump rubbish.”

We are increasing penalties that local councils may apply to this behavior which spoils and damages our streets.

Fines are set to be implemented in August, and local authorities can determine their own rate within these new limitations.

Central Recorder has revealed that littering fines are determined by postcode. Some councils issue hundreds of thousands in fines each year, while others will only issue a few hundred.

The student says that she cannot afford the fine.

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