Norwegian Cruise Line lets you drink alcohol as young as 18 but with a few conditions

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a variety of drinks for travelers between 18 and 20 years old.

In international waters, the cruise ship’s policy on alcohol allows for young adults to drink wine or beer.

Norwegian Cruise Line's alcohol policy allows young adults to sip wine and beer while in international waters


Norwegian Cruise Line has a policy that allows adults and young people to enjoy wine and beer on international waters.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
A form must be signed at the guest services desk, with both the teen and the parent present


The teen must present both parents and sign a form at the front desk.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

To do this, teens must have parental permission.

Both the teenager and parent must sign the form at the Guest Services Desk.

Norwegian’s site states that the alcohol restriction only applies after the ship travels three miles outside of US territory.

Only those between 18 and 20 years old can purchase alcohol.

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It’s not allowed to purchase drinks with alcohol.

This rule allows young adults to experiment with new beverages that they may not have tried before.

The legal drinking age is usually determined by where the cruise ship docks.

The drinking age, for example, is when a vessel leaves England from where 18 is the legal drinking ages.

Some cruise ships will not allow those aged 18-20 to buy alcohol.

You should check with the cruise line you are planning to travel on before booking or boarding.

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