Norway Police investigate Snapchat Photo of Apprehended Man

Norway Police investigate Snapchat Photo of Apprehended Man

  • Norway’s Special Unit for Police Affairs stated that it initiated an investigation into Norwegian police.
  • NRK reported that Southern Norway’s Emergency Police (UP), posted a photograph of a driver they stopped.
  • NRK was told by the UP manager, that they removed the image shortly after posting it to Snapchat.

Norway’s Special Unit for Police AffairsAfter a Snapchat account of a man being checked in an emergency department, the Norwegian police were notified and launched an investigation. 

A Norwegian translation of a press release was published Monday. It stated that the police were investigating whether Snapchat’s Thursday post had been used to intrude on privacy. 

Although the announcement didn’t specify the police department that posted the image to the internet, it did indicate that they were the ones who made the announcement. Norwegian publication NRKAccording to reports, it was the Emergency Police of southern Norway (UP). The UP did no respond to a request to comment.

An alleged screenshot from the Snapchat story, published by Nettavisen is the Norwegian outletThe lower half of a man’s physique is shown, while another person appears to wrap something around his arm. 

A caption was also included in the story, translated from Norwegian. It stated that the man had not shown a valid driver’s license and admitted to using cannabis, according to the purported screenshot.

According to Nettavisen, the man had just had his blood taken following being arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs. 

Knut Smedsrud (manager of UP) told NRK they took the photo after receiving negative reactions. He said he didn’t consider the act a criminal offense, but that the police would learn from it and not allow it to happen again.

Smedsrud and Snapchat’s account who posted the Snapchat story didn’t respond to our requests for comment.

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