North London Derby Ends Red & Here’s What Legend Bob Wilson Has To Say

Arsenal and Spurs stars will pay tribute to the late Jimmy Greaves before kick-off ahead of the North London derby. And Gunners legend Bob Wilson recalls ‘nightmares’ against a striker who he feared ‘more than George Best and Johan Cruyff.

North London Derby Ends Red & Here's What Legend Bob Wilson Has To Say

Wilson said: “My memories of Jimmy are mainly nightmares. Whenever I’m asked who I feared facing the most in my career, it was Greavesie. That was even ahead of George Best and Johann Cruyff. What made him so different and special was his uncanny radar-like understanding of the opponent’s goal.”

“Jimmy was that ultimate laser-like man. One look to assess, one-touch to strike hard or to bend the ball to that undefendable part of the goal. I may be exaggerating a little bit over our meetings, Jimmy seemed to score from what I would think were impossible angles.”

“After he’d done it, he would often give me a little grin. He was sensational. Uncanny. The best of the best.”

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