No Way Home’ Improves Thanksgiving 100% With Daily Bugle Tiktok (Video)

Probably the best thing about “Spider-Man: Far From Home” is the mid-credits sequence that finally brought Tabloid newspaper The Daily Bugle and its perpetually angry, Spider-Man-hating editor in chief J. Jonah Jameson into the MCU. Especially since it included absolutely delightful return of JK Simmons as Jameson.

Next up is “Spider-Man: No Way Home” where, hopefully, the Bugle continues to bang the Spidey Sucks drum after having already ruined Peter’s life by revealing to the entire world that he is Spider-Man. Thanks, please inject that directly into our veins.

Luckily we don’t even have to wait for Dec. 17 (when “No Way Home” comes out) to enjoy just how much Jameson hates (and how much he WANTS PICTURES OF) Spider-Man. Sony Pictures, correctly anticipating that everyone is desperate for something to distract them from angry antivaxx relatives at Thanksgiving, has launched an official Daily Bugle TikTok and folks, it’s fan-tastic.

The three videos posted so far feature Angourie Rice, once again playing Peter’s Midtown High classmate Betty Brant. Betty, last seen anchoring Midtown’s student news broadcast, has now secured a coveted internship at The Bugle and is now in charge of the company TikTok. And the results are hilarious.

First, Betty announces the big news, only to learn that she’s actually been suckered into an unpaid internship. Whoops. Welcome to the media hellscape, kid.

Next up, the Bugle’s TikTok wants people to “tell us you hate Spider-Man without telling us you hate Spider-Man.” Betty as it happens is a decent person, so she stands up for Peter “he saved my life,” prompting a hasty cut to JK Simmons as Jameson, who shouts “Spider-Menace! God help us all.” It’s not “Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?” but it’ll do.

Finally, Betty tries to convince people on TikTok to report on and smear Spider-Man for free — otherwise known as the original Huffington Post model. Don’t fall for it, kids!

I watched all three of these about 6 times in a row and, assuming this is the first time you’re hearing about it, hopefully you’ll be similarly entertained. Keep it coming, Sony. Seriously, tomorrow is gonna be a long day.

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