No Time to Die- Does James Bond die? Ending rumor’s and spoilers

“No, he’s not my Bond…”

Just how many times did you hear this as the Casino Royale release date gradually crept in?

Reflecting back on the days before Daniel Craig’s first 007 outings, there really were so many fans of the franchise who were adamant that the British actor would strike out immediately.

But the film was released and many skeptics were stunned when they left the cinema. They were wrong and most of them were pleased to admit it. Bond was back, baby. And perhaps even better than ever.

Skyfall was the most popular of the rest, but subsequent entries have received mixed reactions. Nevertheless, most would’ve been happy to see Daniel continue to reprise the role for many years to come; it’s a shame the actor himself didn’t feel the same way.

Alas, we’ve now reached the star’s final performance as the iconic spy, which has encouraged many people to ask a rather distressing question. Does James Bond die in No Time to Die?

Does James Bond die in No Time to Die?

While there is no official confirmation of the ending, Reddit users have been rushing to suggest that Bond dies in No Time to Die.

Amongst those posting on the “No Time to Die Discussion Thread” on Reddit are viewers who claim to have watched the film at the recent premiere.

There have also been fans on Twitter arguing that critic Jeff Wells left the premiere and proceeded to spoil the film’s ending in his review before promptly deleting it. One wrote on Twitter after seeing the review: “Critic Jeff Wells walked out the No Time To Die premiere and immediately posted the ending.”

Similarly, another reacted: “Hold up, Jeff Wells straight up spoiled No Time to Die’s ending in the first sentence of his review? Incredible.”

On the aforementioned Reddit thread, one user claimed to post a snippet of the now-deleted review which details the character’s apparent death:

“I’m not kidding. This isn’t a put-on. Mr. Bond is dead as a doornail. Poisoned and blown up. Lifeless tissue. Eyes fixed and dilated. Pushing up daisies. A new 007 will emerge, of course, but that biological mass of muscle, blood, brains, spirit, and bones known as Daniel Craig…that guy has literally and figuratively become a corpse.”

That description certainly doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

“No, time to die”

If you wish to scroll through the thread you’ll swiftly notice that the apparent conclusion to the film has proven divisive.

Daniel’s portrayal of Bond is often regarded as one of the very best, so some aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea that his take wasn’t given the courtesy of a happy ending.

Looking through the posts, it’s suggested that there was a sneaky little clue in the film’s title itself.

One user claims that the character’s final words are “No, time to die!”

The title on its surface arguably led many to believe that character wouldn’t die, but with the addition of some punctuation, it’s given an entirely new meaning, sure to earn millions of audible gasps as viewers flock to see the blockbuster.


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