Nintendo Switch WarioWare Get it together Review WarioWare is Back with More Mad And Manic Microgames

Wario has a new collection of microgames that are addictive and fun for the Nintendo Switch WarioWare – Get it Together! This is the latest installment of the long-running microgame collection, featuring Mario as a lookalike and Wario as the antagonist.

Mega Microgame$, the original game in the WarioWare Inc. series, was released back in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. This game has a loyal following that has led to a variety of bizarre microgames appearing on various Nintendo handhelds systems.

WarioWare Gold, the last installment in the series, was released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2018. WarioWare has become a Nintendo favorite thanks to its quirky humor and fast-paced, addictive gameplay.

Get it Together is full of funny, bizarre games!

The microgames were created by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. These two companies have worked on many Nintendo titles such as WarioWare Gold and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Paper Mario: The Origami King and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Nintendo Switch WarioWare Get it together Review WarioWare is Back with More Mad And Manic Microgames

Wario and his team are lured into his latest videogame. Once inside, they discover bugs corrupting everything. The team must then eliminate the bugs through various crazy and absurd tasks.

WarioWare 3D now lets you control a character inside the games.

With over 200 microgames and some linked by themes, “Nintendo classics” “Nature” When a game starts, you will be given a command and a situation. You need to figure out how to get your character to complete the task before the timer runs out.

When played with friends, Macro games can take on a new level of madness

WarioWare minigames are well-known for their bizarre and wild gameplay. Players can find themselves doing everything from keeping flies away, cleaning toilets, towing footballs, tweezing statues’ armpit hair, or even completing entire levels from the SNES classic, Super Mario World.

You will also unlock other characters throughout the game. Each character has its own controls and handling, which will change how you play minigames.

Each new stage introduces one of the many characters and gives you a very quick tutorial to help you learn their particular controls to help you get to grips with the new ways you’ll be tackling tasks.

You will then be shown a short video that introduces a new, unique and individual character to the area. Then, you can choose up to three crew members to join you on that stage and use the microgames within.

The short games and the weird and wonderful

Each area starts with 4 lives. If you make a mistake and lose all of them, you can get your points back for 100 points.

The different characters can make some games much easier or harder, as some can’t stop moving, some don’t really move at all, and some, like Wario, fly through the air (not gracefully, of course, I mean… it’s Wario).

Even when you think you’ve mastered a particular microgame it sometimes returns with extra complications or a twist that’ll make you think twice.

As you advance, the pace of the games increases and you have less time to complete each one. The stage ends with a Boss Stage. This microgame is more challenging and takes longer to complete. You can then move on after the boss is defeated.

Microgames still retain the same quirky mix of visual styles that the series is famous for. These games use simple, stylized drawings and 8-bit graphics as backgrounds. This is a big part of their charm.

Each character comes with its own control that you can master.

The characters have also been simplified but feature some basic 3D models that look reminiscent of Nintendos Mii’s. There is also a lot of bizarre music and animations, which make the games quite entertaining.

Multiplayer is a new way to enjoy the madness of Getting it Together!

You and up to 4 friends can try to work your way through the carnage of Wario’s weird games, whether working together or against each other.

Co-op allows you to work together, show your teamwork skills, or get mad and ruin your partner’s efforts. Play via two-player couch co-op, or local wireless with two Nintendo Switch devices.

Multiplayer is a great place to focus on your character selections. Some combinations can really change the way you play.

Wario’s strange humor can be found throughout the game
There are other useful modes included like the Play-o-pedia that lets you replay any microgames you’ve already played. You can also find helpful statistics in Play Data, such as which characters won the most. This is useful information when you are assembling your team.

Once unlocked, the Variety Pack offers more options to choose from.

The game suffers from the same issues all Wario ware games have in that sometimes there isn’t enough information for you to know what to do, especially in the short amount of time you have to figure it out.

WarioWare does not expect you to know all the answers.

It’s all about getting it together! It doesn’t rely upon any gimmicky control like previous iterations, which is surprising considering the Joy-Cons motion controls as well as HD rumble.


WarioWare is all about the fun of getting it together! is you’re never 100% certain what’s going to happen next; combine that with the silly and strange humor, and you’ve got an absolute classic.

While it isn’t a complex game, it is fun and entertaining. Get It Together! It is a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch.

WarioWare series is alive and well with co-op, new characters, and unique controls.

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