Nina Dobrev’s Reel Of Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams’ Wedding Shows Her, Shaun White And Other Celeb Friends Having A Blast

Nina Dobrev’s Reel Of Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams’ Wedding Shows Her, Shaun White And Other Celeb Friends Having A Blast

Beautiful, elegant photos Modern Family star Sarah Hyland’s wedding have been floating around the internet since the ceremony last weekend, but Nina Dobrev posted something a bit more candid. You can use the song “Super Freaky Girl”Niki Minaj – Dobrev posted a reel on Instagram that showed Shaun White and her celebrity friends partying and strutting their stuff over the weekend. 

Dobrev and White are shown in the reel, along with their friends Kayla Ewell, Tanner Novlan and Vanessa Hudgens. She cut together clips of Hyland and Adams walking into the reception, Hudgens posing in a gorgeous silk dress, everyone singing together on a party bus, a clip of herself frolicking through a vineyard and more — the fact that this isn’t everything in the video (which you can watch the whole Instagram(see below) This makes me believe that this was an epic marriage. 

Adams and Hyland’s wedding not only reunited the Modern FamilyCast but also brought together a group of people that is somewhat of a millennial’s nostalgic dreams (as someone who teeters at the border of Gen Z and millennial, I can confirm that this is a dream). Dobrev, of Vampire DiariesFame, Hudgens High School Musicalicon NetflixWhite, the Winter Olympics’ mainstay, is my Christmas movie queen. The fun-filled video had me laughing out loud. 

White and Dobrev are the most talked about couple at the moment. Dobrev White at his last OlympicsLast winter to herWhite trolling with her dogThe two have a great sense of humor and are always up for something. The two have traveled the world this summer from Monaco to France and are now back in Southern California to celebrate their friends’ wedding.  

Wells Adams and Hylands’ wedding has been a long time coming, so long Hyland said she wouldn’t have minded eloping. They got engaged in 2019. The couple joked for three years about it, and now it seems that everyone is happy. 

Over the course of their engagement, Adams took over as the bartender on ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise. In the three previous seasons, he provided alcohol and advice to couples trying to find love at the beachside bungalow in Mexico. A few contestants from the franchise made it to the wedding, including Nick Viall (who despite all his efforts, is still single), and Joe Amabile (20th Bachelor Ben Higgins, who ended up with Serena Pitt last season). Paradise, and they’re still together.

Dobrev and White, as well as Hudgens and White, were other celebs who made me feel nostalgic: former Disney Channel star Debby Ryan, and former Disney Channel star Dobrev. Gleestar Chord Overstreet 

What is more fun than watching Adams console lost souls on the beaches of Paradise and Hyland hosting the chaos that is Peacock’s U.S. version of Love Island(which, FYI can be viewed with the Peacock premium subscription). The two of them together FinallyAll their friends are invited to the wedding. 

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