Nikki Glaser Debates Censoring Her Act for Parents and Ex

To censor or not to censor, that is the question.

Comedian Nikki Glaser ponders whether to dial back her act’s raunchier jokes in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek of this week’s Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? episode.

After Nikki’s parents—EJ and Julie Glaser—missed her comedy show in her hometown of St. Louis, she is excited to have them in attendance at her upcoming Chicago show…only her on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend Chris Convy will be there, too.

“Do you think I should change my material at all with Chris and my mom and my dad there?” Nikki asks her childhood BFF Kerstin Robertson. “He’s gonna be sitting next to them. Like, ‘Would you prefer me to talk about oral sex with you next to my parents or with other men in front of my parents?'”

Kerstin is unsure, which only leaves Nikki questioning the decision even more. On one hand, she cares about Chris and doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. On the other hand, Nikki says, “I also don’t wanna not do my act because people paid money to see me be me.”

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