Nicole Kidman Allegedly Arguing With Keith Urban Over His ‘Secret Bond’ With Another Woman, Rumor Claims

Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban fighting over another woman? One report says Urban’s friendship with a fellow singer could threaten the marriage. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Keith And Adele’s Secret Bond’

Per Woman’s Day, Keith Urban’s kindness toward Adele is rubbing Nicole Kidman the wrong way. Urban has offered to fill in some Las Vegas shows for the “Rolling in the Deep” singer, for which her friends say she’s “relieved and grateful.” The impromptu shows have apparently destroyed the plans Kidman had made.

“Nicole’s having to limit her commitments to pick up the slack at home,” an insider says. “But more than that, it feels like Adele’s snapped her fingers and people-pleaser Keith’s leapt to her assistance without any thought as to how it might affect the family.” The whole experience has seemingly turned Kidman into the third wheel in her own marriage.

Kidman also apparently fears for her husband’s sobriety. Las Vegas is a den of sin, and now Urban will be there for longer than expected. “You can be sure his wife will instruct him to fly in just in time for warm-up and out of Sin City as soon as the curtain touches the stage floor,” a source says. Even though Kidman knows everything between Urban and Adele is strictly professional, she’s still supposedly bent out of shape over the concerts.

What’s Actually Going On With Keith Urban

This story drastically overstates what’s going on. Keith Urban is performing a Las Vegas residency anyway. The dates at Caesars Palace which used to belong to Adele amount to five total shows between March 25 and April 2. He’s staying in town for just one more week.

Adele barely has anything to do with this. She was not on the hook for those missing dates; Caesars Palace was. If anything, Urban is doing Caesars a favor by giving them some shows to profit off of. Adele has not commented on Urban’s dates despite the announcement coming weeks ago.

Gossip Cop also needs to point out what a massive bait-and-switch this all is. The title, promising details on Urban and Adele’s “secret bond,” is obviously meant to entice readers with a love triangle. The story is actually not about romance at all and chooses to question Urban’s sobriety instead. This is willfully deceitful, cruel, and false.

Tales Of Jealousy

Woman’s Day constantly portrays Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban as jealous people incapable of trust. It claimed Urban was worried about the men in her life, while Kidman is supposedly mad at Urban for flirting with Rita Ora. It also ran an almost identical story about Urban ditching his family so he can go on tour. This couple isn’t nearly as dysfunctional as this tabloid would have you believe.

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