Nicola Coughlan Sizzles In Modern Bridgerton Check out LFW

Nicola, currently filming season three, has revealed that “the looks are major.”

Penelope Featherington was teased about Penelope Featherington upcoming frocks by specifically pointing out how fashion reflects character growth. “I know it sounds silly, but it’s amazing seeing the evolution of the character, her becoming a woman and the cuts of the garment.”

Moreover, the 35-year-old previously explained how each costume requires special attention.

“We’ve already started because it takes such a long time,” she exclusively told E! News from May “They make every single costume from scratch, including for all the supporting artists.” 

Nicola noted that the cast can wear elaborate period pieces but there is a downside.

“And so…the Bridgertan* returns,”In July, she posted a picture to Instagram Stories. “Sunburn you get while wearing a regency dress.”

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