New pill approved by NHS to clear eczema within a week: Millions of people have hope


Millions of people living with eczema have found hope after a new treatment on the NHS was approved.

One description of the pill is: “life-changing”After patients claimed it could clear their skin in a matter of days, the company was purchased.

Atopic dermatitis - the most common form of eczema - can now be treated with three new therapies recommended by NICE


NICE now recommends three therapies to treat atopic dermatology, which is the most common form eczema.Credit: Getty

Eczema can be a chronic, incurable condition that affects approximately six million people in Britain.

The symptoms of dry, red skin, itchy skin, and itchy skin can be treated. However, for many people with this condition, it is unpredictable and comes back in flares. 

Moisturisers and topical corticosteroids are the main treatment options. These reduce swelling and redness in flare-ups.

Tralokinumab, one of the three new treatments approved by the NHS is Tralokinumab. MailOnline reported.

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Tralokinumab a monoclonal immunotherapeutic drug that blocks the activity of interleukin-4 or interleukin-13 proteins, which cause inflammation in the body.

It’s thought that eczema may be a condition of the immune response, which overreacts to pathogens that enter the body through a weak skin barrier. 

Jack Ransom (27-year-old South London resident) said that tralokinumab helped him clear his skin in just one week.

He was suffering from atopic eczema for three months and had tried all the available treatments.

He signed up to a trial of tralokinumab in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust after experiencing a major flare-up in his skin. 

The itching went away within 24 hours. His skin cleared up in a matter of weeks after he started taking daily tablets.

He stated that the drug had caused him to vomit. “a huge difference to my life”He was unaware that he had ever suffered from eczema. 

Experts described the results of the US trials of tralokinumab as “amazing” when they were published in 2021. “game-changer”.

Amy S. Paller, MD, the international coordinating investigator for the study, told Healio: “The adolescents that I’ve been able to treat with a biologic for atopic dermatitis have really had a change in their lives.

“They’ve developed confidence, they’ve been able to participate in sports and social activities that were impossible when their moderate to severe atopic dermatitis was controlling their lives.

“It truly is a game changer.”

Abrocitinib is the second treatment doctors can prescribe.

They inhibit the activity of Janus kinases enzymes, which are involved in inflammation.

NICE recommends that the drugs be used for people over 12 with severe to moderate atopic dermatitis, the most common type eczema.

If the disease is not responding to other treatments, it will be an option to treat moderate or severe atopic dermatology. 

NICE’s appraisal committee stated that there is an unmet medical need for patients with severe dermatitis who do not respond to treatment. British Medical Journal reported.

Dr Padma Mohandas is a consultant dermatologist at Barts Health NHS Trust. She describes the new treatment as “life-changing”.

“Eczema is a common problem but in some cases it’s not easy to treat,” she said.

“In the worst cases it’s a debilitating disease that leaves patients feeling embarrassed, socially isolated and, in extreme circumstances, suicidal.

“With these new drugs we can offer them hope that their skin will get better, which is life-changing.”


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