New Calligraphy Haircut Adds Major Volume To Fine Strands

Chances are, you’re familiar with popular haircuts like the bob, the shag, and the pixie cut. There always seems to be different from takes on those cuts every year that become popular trends.

But have you heard of a more obscure style known as the “calligraphy haircut?” If not, allow me to explain.

It’s Not A Cut, It’s A Technique

When you hear the word calligraphy, you probably think of that fancy writing style that’s done with a pen or a brush. But a calligraphy haircut is all about the hair and a specific technique.

“The calligraphy cut originates from the calligraphy knife, which was invented by German hairdresser Frank Brormann,” Schwarzkopf Professional hairstylist Anthony Vincent told PopSugar. “Hair is cut at a 21-degree angle, which leaves the hair softer and more voluminous.”

What Is A Calligraphy Knife?

This special hair styling tool is known as a calligraphy knife—a.k.a. calligraphy pen or calligraphy—is a long, thin metal instrument that has a sharp, specially designed blade on the end. It’s similar to a razor, and a calligraphy cut has a similar look to a razor cut. However, a razor cut can cause some hair types to look a bit frizzy.

When a trained stylist uses a calligraphy knife, it looks like they are writing in the air. According to Vincent, the main benefit of cutting hair with this tool is volume. They are also fantastic at removing split ends.

“[It’s] a way to add volume to your hair but with softer lines,” Vincent explained. “People should go out and try one to experience it fully. It’s a fun, special way to try something new if your stylist performs this specific haircut.”

Experts believe that cutting at a 21-degree angle across the end of each hair strand maximizes the surface area. This allows the hair to absorb more nourishment and moisture. The result is hair that stays healthier for longer.

Which Hair Type Is Best For A Calligraphy Haircut?

The calligraphy knife can be used on every hair type, and it can create almost any hairstyle. But the type of hair that gets the most benefit from this tool is fine hair.

Not only will getting a calligraphy cut leaves your hair healthier for longer—and give it more texture and volume—but it will also make it lighter and easier to style.

A calligraphy cut does take a little longer than a razor cut or a scissors cut. But, it will ultimately be a time saver because it makes your hair easier to blow dry.

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