New app tells you when Google tracks your data – how to delete your activity

A NEW app can notify you whenever Google tracks your data – here’s what you need to know.

The app, called Googerteller will notify users when Google is tracking them.

A new app can notify you whenever Google tracks your data – here's what you need to know.


A new app can notify you whenever Google tracks your data – here’s what you need to know.Credit: Getty

Google can track things such as your search history, location of your mobile device, ads you see, videos you watch and many more. 

Bert Hubert was the developer of this app. He called it a “very very simple tool that makes some noise every time your computer sends data to Google.”

It seems that the main purpose of the app is to raise awareness How often Google receives data about you.

It also works with Mozilla Firefox browser.

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How does it all work?

The app sounds a beep every time you send data to Google. Mashable.

Sometimes, it is possible to use the “noise starts while typing the domain name already,”Hubert stated.

Googerteller seeks to gain a better understanding about how, where and when data is sent to Google.

How do I get the app?

The app is free for download through Github.

It currently supports only Linux-based operating systems.

Debian, Gentoo and Linux Mint are all Linux-based operating system. Red Hat, CentOS and Fedora are some examples.

How to safeguard your data

You can go to Google Privacy Settings to prevent your data being tracked.

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There you can set up settings to disable email tracking, stop tracking at specific locations, delete your purchase history and other options.

Just head to the Google app > tap the three dots on the lower right > and then choose Privacy and Security.

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