Never Pick Split Ends In Your Hair. Here are the reasons.

Never Pick Split Ends In Your Hair. Here are the reasons.

The damage is done once you grab at the split ends. This kind of damage can often cause hair to split, which can lead to hair loss and hair that is shorter. Women’s Health). You can even get your scalp damaged. The hair follicles could also be damaged should the split reach the skin. We can damage hair’s strength and durability by picking at split ends.

Split ends sound like they are better left alone, right? Not quite. Jordan Garret, a hairdresser, explained to Women’s Health that once split ends are detected, they must be removed. Split ends will grow back up the hair shaft if they are left to their own devices. Experts advise you to visit a professional hairstylist so they can properly care for your hair.

Garret provides lifestyle advice that can help to prevent split ends. Hair is more susceptible to damage when it is wet so make sure to only brush hair after it is dry completely. To keep your hair healthy, use a heat protector when styling.

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