Netflix’s Upcoming Indian Family Drama ‘FamJam’ Starring Radhika Madan and Sanjay Kapoor | Unofficial Trailer, Cast, Plot


Come this Diwali and Netflix is ready to entertain you with its newest family drama original starring Radhika Madan and Sanjay Kapoor where Radhika will be portraying the role of the daughter of Sanjay Kapoor.

The plot of the series is quite normal but has all the quirkiness you can imagine. From the trailer, it is very much relatable to the daily encounters of every Indian family ever. The premise of the series is based around two characters the Boss and an employee. Sanjay, in this case, is the employee who tries every trick up his sleeve to impress the boss but files miserably every time because of his family’s tantrums. All his efforts are targeted to reach a senior position which is lying vacant.

To impress his boss Sanjay invites his boss over for the Diwali party but all the plans go haywire and when his boss arrives his family is in some other mess altogether. Sanjay’s boss’s daughter is the love interest of Sanjay’s son which is another headache for him. Though there are some fun-filled moments but then there is nothing unique in the premise.

The beginning and end of the trailer show connection where in the first scene Radhika tells Sanjay that he is dead whereas in the end his boss is seen falling in the pool. Overall the premise of the show is not new but this is Netflix it can be expected to have some twists and turns of its own. Let’s wait until the release to know more.


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