Netflix’s Bling Empire Expands to a Lavish New Location

Bling Empire This is the future of bling. 

On Oct. 4, Netflix announced a spinoff of the luxurious reality series taking place in a glamorous new location: the Big Apple! The title New York, Bling Empire, the series will follow a fresh group of wealthy and sophisticated Asian-Americans from NYC. Not everyone is a fresh face. Bling Empire (and Beverly Hills’ Rich Kids() star Dorothy Wang Starring in the spin-off. Don’t forget that Dorothy moved to East Coast at season two.

“New York City, I’m here!”In the teaser, she makes her announcement. “I’m hoping that I’ll vibe with New York guys more than LA guys.”

The teaser continues to introduce us all to new cast members, fashionista included. Tina Leung, “master networkers” Stephen  Deborah Hung and serial dater Richard Chang. However, this is not a exact copy of the original. According to the streamer, it is in New York City’s Bling Empire, “conversations are direct, not coded, and competition—for love, for money, and for power—is fierce.”

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