NETFLIX Series ‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Everything else

Netflix seems like there has been a change in the deal between Netflix and some of its CV shows because Netflix is changing the way in which it releases its CV shows. One of the pretty famous series on the streaming channel, Black Lightning used to be streamed weekly but for its Season 3, Netflix has a late launch date this year.

The release date of ‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 will stay normal in the US. The deal of Netflix which has been done with the CW actually means that the series could be streamed on Netflix in the US after the finale of the series.

If you remember then you would be knowing that the ‘Black Lightning’ Season 2’s Netflix release date was on March 26 while the finale came in the CV on March 18. The Season 3 of Black Lightning also has the same schedule and will be released in the US on Netflix on 24 March 2020.

NETFLIX Series 'Black Lightning' Season 3 Release Date When is the series launching

But the release date of ‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 internationally can’t be told because the episodes of the major seasons of “Black Lightning” came to some other countries except the US in the next morning, just after it was released. But Season 3 doesn’t seem to have the same expectations because not of them have come to Netflix yet.

The customer service account of Netflix tweeted on twitter replying to the international fans “Hey there! Unfortunately, we don’t have any info on if/when¬†Black Lightning¬†season 3 will be available on Netflix as of right now.”

And, other series such as the Dynasty Season 3 will also be delayed on Netflix due to the deal with the CV show. The series will be released on Netflix just after the finale on the CV show.

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