Netflix is already working on the Dragon Prince seasons 6 and 7.

It’s excellent news for fans of The Dragon Prince franchise, the popular Netflix animated series has already been renewed for seasons 7 and 8.

After a stealthy season 5 launch several days earlier than was initially intended, fans of The Dragon Prince can rest easy knowing that Callum’s adventure will continue with season 6.

Already, The Dragon Prince Season 6 has been developed

The Dragon Prince 6 season was confirmed as being in an early stage of development in July 2020 during Comic-Con Livestream, co-creator Aaron Ehasz revealed that Netflix has “picked up the entire saga.”

Ehasz explained how the responses of the whole team, which was a complete surprise to everyone else in the cast went viral around the world.

“We feel amazingly grateful to the fans and the community who have been so passionate and honestly after season 3, the swell of passion and love around this show, the amount of art and talk online, and people politely telling Netflix how much they wanted this story to continue, it was so inspiring, and it worked. We wanted the saga, and they are giving us the saga.”

“It’s been a long time coming, I think everyone here put their hearts into this show and everyone’s been waiting and hoping for the chance to complete the saga,” he added.

A release date is not yet confirmed. And since season 5 of Netflix’s hit animated show was just released, we may have to wait a while before hearing any new information or seeing the first teasers.

Based on previous production cycles, The Dragon Prince 6 is expected to debut in the first or second quarter of 2024.

Callum’s adventure will continue into a seventh season

The Dragon Prince is set to continue for a 7th season. However, the fans are reminded that this will be the final chapter in the series. This gives the fans time to prepare for the ending of the series, which has been teased by the showrunners as being darker than the previous episodes.

Ehasz revealed to CBR that “We feel the story is going darker, but you have to imagine an arc that is going from [Season] Four through seven Part of it that I think is hard to view from this point is that Season 4 had to have its own complete story, but it also had to be the act one for the bigger arc.”

“What act ones have to do is try to reestablish the world and reset the stage, where the characters are, and what their emotional bases are. I think in terms of things unfolding and the pace in which they unfold, that speeds up as you get further into the arc.”

It is possible that The Dragon Prince may continue beyond season 7, with either a sequel, prequel or spinoff. Ehasz previously worked with Justin Richmond as co-creator. Share This Article how “We have a big story in our brains” and that “The world of Xadia will love no matter what.”

A prequel series is arguably the most likely outcome considering that an official novel has already been published that explored the Xadia timeline before the events seen in season 1; however, there is also the chance that the upcoming video game adaptation could spearhead The Dragon Prince’s next project.

The Wonderstorm team have teased that the video game (release TBA) will include both existing and new characters from the TV series, as well as being canonical to the Netflix show – meaning that the game could introduce our next protagonist, or at least the new villain after Aaravos.

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