Netflix allows you to remotely remove devices from your account

Netflix introduced Manage Access and Devices is a brand new featureSubscribers can now view all devices currently logged in to their accounts. This new feature will allow you to see the type of devices being used to access your account. It will also show you when and where they have been last viewed.

You can sign any device with just one click.

Netflix debuts Manage Access and Devices

In a blog post, Netflix’s product manager Charles Wartemberg notes that many subscribers will be traveling during the holiday season, signing in on new devices, and then forgetting to log out. Manage Access and Devices will let those subscribers log out remotely, so they don’t have to hassle someone else to do it for them after they leave.

This feature is useful if you have an ex-roommate, a roommate, or just a stranger on your account. Perhaps you share your account with someone who forgets to Venmo half the monthly subscription cost. No matter what the reason, you can log them out of your account much more easily.

When Netflix cracks down next year on password sharing, the feature will be more essential.

Here’s what you need to do to access Manage Access and Devices on Netflix:

  • Go to Netflix.comLog in to your account using your browser
  • Click on the profile photo in the upper-right corner. Account.
  • Below the Security & Privacysection, click Control access to and devices.

Now you should be able see all devices that are logged into your account. Click on the Register NowTo kick any device from your account, click the button beside it.

The new feature is available for Netflix on the Web, iOS and Android.

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