NeNe Leakes shares her struggle with grief after husband Gregg’s death

NeNe Leakes is opening up about the cycle of grief after losing her husband Gregg Leakes earlier this month after a battle with cancer.

“I have good days and bad days, but they say it’s normal so some days I’m up, some days I’m down,” Leakes said in an Instagram stories video Thursday. “Today, I felt like going to the salon, so that was good.”

The former“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star shared that normally she has hairstylists come to her home, but on Thursday she decided to leave her home to be surrounded by women at the salon, which she said felt “good.”

“I played in dark hair long enough. Now that I’m having to adjust to my new life, my new normal, I thought I’d go back to blonde,” the reality star said.

She also shared that her husband’s death has helped her to be around many people, which she said has been a great help.

“I have a whole group of people that’s coming to my house everyday doing different stuff with me, trying to keep my mind off of… events that recently happened,” Leakes said. “Love you guys. I’m OK and I’m pushing through.”

She also thanked her followers for all the condolences and “sweet comments.”

A day after her husband’s death, Leakes shared a video of the couple slow dancing to Johnny Gill’s “It Would Be You” as they serenaded each other with sweet lyrics: “If I could have anything… That it would be you, you, you, you.” She captioned the video with emojis of broken hearts, marking the first time she’s posted on Instagram since his death.

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Gregg Leakes was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in May 2018. His wife publicly announced he was battling cancer that same year in June and shared the couple’s “new normal” in a doctor’s office. In 2019, NeNe announced her husband was cancer-free.

Earlier this year in June, Leakes announced that her husband’s cancer had returned.

In May 2020, the businessman reflected on his diagnosis: “2 years ago today I was told I had cancer. I remember being sad inside but I knew I had to be strong on the outside as much as I could… I thank my wife for taking excellent care of me and loving me even tho I wasn’t an easy patient.”

The couple first married in 1997 and share two children: Bryson and Brentt. After splitting in 2011, the couple remarried in 2013 during a ceremony filmed for Bravo’s spin-off “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding.”

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