Nelly Girlfriend Shantel Jackson shows lot of skin in Stunning dress with high slit! Pics Here

Nelly’s ex-girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, remains stylish, judging by her latest social media post, despite their high-profile breakup. Her recent picture showed how classy she looks after the split.

Fans must have been shocked at Nelly’s ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson would be a shadow of herself after her split from the rapper, but despite their breakup, the actress looks as stylish as ever.

Jackson knows how to amaze her fans with her flair for fashion and beauty. She recently posted an Instagram post that did just that.

Nelly Girlfriend Shantel Jackson shows lot of skin in Stunning dress with high slit! Pics Here

Jackson shared two slides that showed Jackson wearing a short-sleeved, bejeweled, thin-sleeved gown with a daring slit. Fans were able to see her glowing skin and striking cleavages in the stunning outfit.

The “Nellyville” actress looked beautiful with her dark hair flowing freely across her shoulders. The flawlessly applied makeup made her look radiant and stunning.

Nelly during the 2013 American Music Awards, Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, November 24, 2013.

It was hard for fans to scroll past this post without commenting or clicking the like button. The post was liked by more than thirty thousand people and received a few comments calling the actress a stunning beauty.

One fan called Jackson an “ageless woman”, noting her stunning beauty and the fact that Jackson was not showing signs of a split.

Nelly Girlfriend Shantel Jackson shows lot of skin in Stunning dress with high slit! Pics Here

Mayweather accused Jackson of recording their conversations without his consent.

Jackson was sure to smile at all the comments. Especially those that reminded him of how gorgeous she looked after her split with her famous ex-boyfriend.

The couple began dating in 2014. They remained together for six consecutive years. There were whispers that they had split up. However, Jackson also Confirmedall suspicions, noting they are friends.

Their fans were already stunned to learn the shocking news. They had witnessed their former love walk down the aisle. However, it looked like it was only a matter of time before Jackson would wear a white dress with Nelly by her side after the rapper had HintedAt a possible engagement

A fan asked the model recently if she and the singer, 46, were still in the public eye. She answered that they weren’t but gave more details on what had transpired between them.

Nelly and Shantel Jackson attend the Ryan Gordy Foundation’s 60-year celebration of Motown at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, November 11, 2019.

Nelly expressed his love for the gorgeous actress often. The rapper dedicated his performance on season 29 to his love for the actress. “Dancing With the Stars”The “Freelancers”Star

Jackson would not have a first public relationship with Nelly. The screen diva had previously been in a relationship with Floyd Mayweather, a famous boxer. They split bitterly.

Mayweather Accused Jackson of recording their conversations without his consent, and the model remarked that she did it to protect herself from the boxer.

Jackson also seems to have been focusing more on her business after she divorced from Nelly. Fans might see a new flame soon.

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