NBC’s Manifest Season 4 Release Date | Show Revival Details

The Manifest show has run on NBC for three seasons and recently NBC has canceled the series when all the fans were expecting a renewal. Now, the fans are expecting that Netflix will renew the series. Let’s dive into more details & also find out the Manifest Season 4 Release date.

Manifest Season 4 Renewal

Manifest Season 4 was canceled by NBC in June 2021. This news has left the fans disappointed. However, they are hoping that Netflix could renew the show as Manifest’s first two seasons are already dropped on Netflix & gained more popularity.

If Netflix decides to renew the series for season 4 then it might take some time & fans have to wait for longer than the expected time. Hopefully, Netflix will take the decision soon & update the fans with renewal news, same as it did with Cobra Kai, Lucifer, etc.

NBC's Manifest Season 4 Release Date | Show Revival Details

Season 4 Release Date

It is too early to say anything about Manifest Season 4 Release Date as it is not renewed yet. Now that NBC has canceled the series, everyone is looking for Netflix to save Manifest show from ending.

Hopefully, the release date will be sometime around 2022. But, it might take longer than that says the sources.

What will be Season 4 plot?

Manifest, a supernatural drama series follows the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner who suddenly reappear after being presumed dead for more than five years. Not much is revealed about the Season 4 plot.

Showrunner Jeff Blake while discussing his thoughts on how far the series could go, he said the show wants to be six seasons. So, we can expect season 4, as there is a possibility here, but Netflix or any other network should pick the show in order to continue it.

NBC's Manifest Season 4 Release Date | Show Revival Details

Who will be in Manifest Season 4 Cast?

If season 4 happens, then it is expected that the main cast of the series would return. And, few new characters might get added so we can’t say anything for now. We just have to wait for the show makers to make the announcements of season 4 as soon as possible.

That’s all for now, we will share more details if there are any official updates. STAY TUNED!

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