NBA game delayed after fan vomits on court in league’s ‘craziest’Moment

NBA game delayed after fan vomits on court in league’s ‘craziest’Moment

One of the most embarrassing moments was when a Sacramento Kings fan sat courtside during a Utah Jazz vs Utah Kings game vomited on the ground. “craziest things”In a while, I have been to an NBA game.

The game was still going on, but the fan appeared to reach for a cup and pounce, though some of it landed on the floor.

A man sat next to him got up and moved away. The lady sitting next to him, who was apparently analysing the situation, followed his lead and stepped out.

Golden 1 Center staff quickly arrived to clean up after the fan continued to bleep.

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The most fascinating thing was his nonchalant attitude as the workers cleaned up the mess.

Golden 1 Center staff cleaning up the fan’s vomit as he sits there.

(Photo courtesy Hoops Nerd/ Youtube)

Luke Walton, Sacramento Kings’ head coach, looked disbelieving at what he had just seen in the game. “final game of his NBA career.”

Luke Walton, Sacramento Kings head coach, looks in disbelief

(Photo courtesy Hoops Nerd/ Youtube)

Security guards eventually remove the fan with a stain from his upchuck, and take him out of the building.

Both teams’ ball players had a variety of reactions.

Mike Connolly, Utah Jazz, laughed about it and mouthed “I can’t look at that.”

figcaption class=”sc–bUbRBg; eKDmMd”>

“I can’t look at that.”

(Photo courtesy Hoops Nerd/YouTube

Buddy Hield, the Kings’ captain, seemed completely overwhelmed by the smell and covered his nose with his jersey.

Sacramento Kings Buddy Hield covering his nose

(Photo courtesy Hoops Nerd/YouTube

Tristan Thompson shrugged and looked at the camera with apparent disapproval.

Tristan Thompson shakes head in disapproval

(Photo courtesy Hoops Nerd/YouTube

Jordan Clarkson was the one who went viral, despite the fact that he came up to the screen from nowhere to say hello.

According to the, the fourth quarter pause lasted around 15 minutes. Bleacher Report.

With a score of 122-1105, the Sacramento Kings won.

After seven consecutive losses, Walton was fired that day.

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