Naomi Osaka & Serena Williams Get Criticized By Netizens For Their Bold Outfits

The Met Gala took place on September 14 in New York, and as expected, several celebrities graced the occasion with lovely outfits. The outfits of Naomi Osaka (and Serena Williams) were praised by netizens.

Recent appearances by Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, and Serena Williams at the Met Gala in New York whipped up a lot of tennis fans. The event was initially scheduled for May 2020. 400 guests were invited.

Many magazines and fashion industries took to Instagram to post pictures of Osaka in their stunning outfits. TheYBF posted a photo of Osaka clad in a Louis Vuitton gown with a print of multicolored koi fish.

Naomi Osaka alongside Serena Williams at the 2018 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 8, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

Osaka’s outfit was designed by her sister Mari, and the tennis star donned it to represent her biracial heritage. She completed her look by adding boots to her hair in traditional Haitian-Japanese styles.

Fashionbombdaily also posted a picture of Osaka wearing the same outfit but posing differently. Williams, on the other hand, chose a sleek bodysuit with a Gucci feathered cape and silver shoes.  Williams beamed with confidence and elegance as she posed with one hand on her waist.


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Essence captured the memorable moment and updated fans with it on their Instagram page. Netizens quickly aired their opinions after photos of the couple were posted to social media. Some praised the team’s appearances, while others criticized them. One fan commented on Naomi Osaka at the Met Gala.

One user questioned why Osaka looked like she was about to cry, and another said the star’s hair was destroying her overall appearance. A third fan made it known that Osaka mixed several designers, and they were clashing.

Naomi Osaka & Serena Williams Get Criticized By Netizens For Their Bold Outfits

A fourth user wrote, “it’s a strong no for me,” while another respondent tagged Osaka’s outfit as dreadful. Williams was not spared as a user described her outfit as a hot mess, and a second said her cape looked like a bathroom rug.

A third fan noted that she loved Williams, but she felt like changing her look from head to toe. In addition, the user said Williams’s stylist was wrong for giving the star a hideous look. Another user wrote, “Hot Messsss WHAT SHE GOT ON. ”

Osaka and Williams were only two out of the numerous tennis stars in attendance. With their stunning outfits, Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova were also a hit. Snaps shared on Sharapova’s Insta story saw her posing with Williams at the event.

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