Naomi Judd’s Will Does Not Exclude Wynonna or Ashley from the Estate, but gives her husband full control of $25 million.

Naomi Judd, country legend, left Wynonna Judd and Ashley in her last will and testament.

The Nashville singer, who ended her life three months earlier, handed control of her $25m estate to her husband, her 33-year-old man.

“I nominate and appoint my spouse, Larry Strickland, as Executor of my estate,”Inside Edition has just received the will. The will was signed by her on Nov. 20, 2017, almost five years before she died.

Naomi’s suicide was a shock to country music when Wynonna and Wynonna were about to be inducted into Country Music Hall of Fame.

“My heart is broken,”Wynonna stated that at the time. “And I feel so blessed and it’s a very strange dynamic to be this broken and this blessed.”

According to published reports Wynonna is “upset” with her mother’s will. Wynonna and Ashley are not mentioned in the document.

It was signed in May by two witnesses. This occurred just days after Ashley Judd had discussed with Diane Sawyer her mother’s long battle against mental illness.

Naomi was 76 at the time of her death.


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