Nanny Faye Chrisley Helped Savannah! The Chrisleys

Chrisley Knows the Best star and everyone’s favorite granny, Nanny Faye tells it how it is when it comes to one of her grandchildren. When Todd Chrisley recommends that Savannah is the solution to one of Nanny’s problems, Nanny isn’t having it. Continue reading to learn why Nanny Faye believes Savannah is the solution. “all thumbs.”

Does Chrisley Knows Best Savannah’s star Nanny Faye makes fun of it?

Here’s a teaser trailer to an upcoming episode Chrisley Knows Best, Todd, Julie, and Nanny Faye are seen standing in the kitchen. The clip begins with Todd saying: “Why don’t you just have Savannah go bowl with you?”  Nanny is quick to respond with, “Well now, Todd, Savannah’s not great at everything.”

Todd asks his mom for a different opinion. Todd is agitated and asks for clarification. “What are you talking about!?”He demands that he be paid “Tell me something she’s not great at!”Nanny replied with a smile. “bowling.”  At this point, Julie is laughing.

Nanny Faye Chrisley Helped Savannah! The Chrisleys

However, Nanny doesn’t leave it at that. “She’s all thumbs,” Nanny insists. Likely, Nanny Faye isn’t saying this to hurt anyone’s feelings. Chrisley Knows BestNanny Faye’s competitive nature is well known by her fans. So, she probably doesn’t want to risk losing at bowling if she already knows that Savannah isn’t a good bowler.

Does Savannah respond?

But, that doesn’t stop the Chrisley USA Instagram page from taunting Savannah Chrisley. The caption to the clip reads: “@savannahchrisley, Nanny says you’re all thumbs. Up for a challenge?”  From the looks of Savannah’s Instagram page, she isn’t phased. She posted a sweet message for her grandmother on her birthday in her last post.

As for comments about the clip, it seems like everyone can’t get enough of Nanny Faye. Nanny Faye is called a savage in one of the first comments. Then follows a comment which reads: “Nanny Faye is so witty and badass.”Many followers also leave comments praising the Chrisley legend.

Do you think Nanny Faye is insisting Savannah Chrisley is only thumbs? The clip is available to view here Here. We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section.

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