My granny’s in her 60s but looks so young people ID her – now she’s revealed her secret to eternal youth

The age of a grandmother was revealed by a woman who left everyone stunned.

People were shocked at how youthful her grandmother, aged 64, looked after she shared a clip of her dancing in leggings with a T-shirt.

Mahalia's granny showed off her youthful looks on TikTok


Mahalia’s granny displayed her youthful appearance on TikTokCredit: tiktok/@qtmahalia
The 64-year-old looks amazing for her age


This 64-year old looks incredible for her ageCredit: tiktok/@qtmahalia

Mahalia Joi’s disbelief led her to confirm her age by posting a second clip on TikTok. Many confused users had claimed that she appeared in her 40s or 30s.

Mahalia said, “I’m afraid they won’t believe you” as she recorded her Nan strutting about in tight jeans and high-heeled shoes.

She decided that if her license was not enough to confirm her age, she would show it to others.

Here’s the ID. She’s not wearing makeup, and there is no filter. I’m not sure what else I could give you.

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She is not lying. This is a 1956. She said, “The year 1956.”

As soon as she shared the video with her social media followers, they asked her for some anti-aging tricks.

She said: “Ok, stop your skincare routine!” “She looks 34!

The second person said: “She is better looking than the majority of 20-year olds here.”

Another wrote: “I was mistaken for a minute that this is Jennifer Lopez.”

Another said, “I want to drink whatever she is drinking.”

Some people did not think she was quite as young.

One person said, “She looks and feels her age well.”

Another person said, “She looks older than her years, even though it’s obvious she is taking good care of yourself.”

Her granddaughter showed her ID to prove her age


The granddaughter presented her identification to prove her identityCredit: tiktok/@qtmahalia
People begged for her anti-aging tips


Many people begged her for anti-aging adviceCredit: tiktok/@qtmahalia

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