My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney And Chase Severino The Ex Meet Up!

After going an entire year without seeing her ex, Chase Severino, meeting up with him is a bit of a “shock” for the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star. Whitney Way Thore, 37, and her ex-fiancé Chase Severino agreed to meet for drinks on Tuesday.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney And Chase Severino The Ex Meet Up!

“It is a shock to see Chase In person. It’s been over a year and, things are different. He looks different. He looks really good and it’s just bizarre to be in a room with someone who you used to be so close with – but they feel like a stranger.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Out Of Chase Severino’s Infidelity A Daughter Emerged

Fans will recall that Chase and Whitney tragically split after Chase cheated on Thore with his ex-girlfriend.

Chase had his ex-girlfriend pregnant and Aurora was born.

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Chase tells cameras that “seeing Whitney for the first time, I’m nervous she’s going to bring some weird animosity towards me, or something like that,” adding, “But she agreed to come to see me, so she must want to catch up.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Could Whitney Be Pregnant?

They sit down and begin to laugh about their breakup. After Whitney declines drinks saying that she’s been “throwing up” and “getting nauseous” Chase infers that those could be signs of pregnancy.

Thore jokes some more after this telling Chase with a grin, “you would know all about that wouldn’t you?”

The two discuss Whitney’s ongoing efforts to retrieve eggs and possibly get pregnant and then Whitney mentions that she enjoys getting updates on Severino’s daughter, Aurora.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney And Chase Severino The Ex Meet Up!

‘One Good Thing Came Out of This’

She explains, “I actually love hearing about Chase’s daughter, and I guess that might seem weird to people, but I just feel like children are a gift, no matter what,” adding, “obviously I wouldn’t be going through my own egg retrieval process if I didn’t think that, and if there’s one good thing that came out of this, or one blameless thing, it’s Aurora.”

Severino seems nervous throughout the meetup as he says, “I do have news to share with Whitney. I’m not sure if she knows or not because I’m afraid to post social media stuff, but I’ve got to, I need to tell her.”

Fans will have to wait and see what that news will be.

Do you think there is any news? Chase could be getting married or moving closer to Whitney. Comment and tell us what you think.

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