My 18-month old has hair that looks like Kate Middleton. People are always amazed to see me.

This 18-month-old girl has a head full of hair.

Little Alanah Wilkins’s family reckons it makes her look like Kate Middleton.

Little Alanah Wilkins’s family reckon her locks make her look like Kate Middleton


Little Alanah Wilkins’s family reckon her locks make her look like Kate MiddletonCredit: ANDREW LLOYD
Mum Mia, 23, gets stopped by amazed passers-by when out with her


Mum Mia, 23, is stopped by stunned passersby when she’s out with herCredit: ANDREW LLOYD

Mum Mia, 23 years old, is often stopped by stunned passers-by while out with her.

Emerzon Beecher (25), her partner, explains it all to their exotic genes.

Mia, of Bridgwater, Somerset, said: “Just two days after she was born I was having to put her hair in ponytails because it was just getting in the way.

“We’ve never had her hair cut and she loves having her hair washed and brushed so we’ll just leave it and let her tell us if she wants it cut.

“People say that she looks like Kate Middleton and I can see the likeness but others call her Pocahontas after the Disney character while others think her hair looks like a lion’s mane.”

The mom-of-one added: “I can’t walk down the street without someone stopping me and asking about the length of Alanah’s hair.”

The baby was born will a full head of hair


The baby was born with a full head and hair.Credit: ANDREW LLOYD
Amy Childs advises moms to use coconut oils on their babies’ hair

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