Must-know iPhone hack will change how you use photos forever – and it’s so easy

ANY long-time iPhone owner probably has thousands of photos – but there’s a way to manage the chaos.

Apple has created a clever iPhone hack that allows you to keep an eye on your huge image collection.

You can set up new photo albums very easily on an iPhone


An iPhone can be used to create new photo albums.Credit: Apple / Central Recorder

They are called photo albums, which are well-worth setting up.

These allow you to organize your iPhone photos into easily manageable categories.

It is easy to locate the image you desire quickly.

You could create albums like “family”, “pets”Oder “summer holiday 2022”.

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How to create an iPhone album of photos

Here are the steps:

  • 1. Open your photos app
  • 2. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and select Albums
  • 3. Tap the cross icon at the top left corner
  • 4. Tap Now to Download a New Album
  • 5. Enter a name to create the album
  • 6. Save Now
  • 7. Add photos
  • 8. Tap Done in top-right corner

After you have created an album you can easily edit the name.

Navigate to the album and click the three dots icon at the top-right corner. Then, tap Rename Album.

How to add photos into your iPhone photo album

When you create your first album, you will add photos.

It is also possible to add additional photos to an album at any moment.

This is the easiest way to do it…

  • 1. Go into your Photos app
  • 2. Now select Albums > Recents
  • 3. Press Select in top-right corner
  • 4. Click on any photos that you wish to add to an Album
  • 5. Tap the Share button in the bottom left corner (a square marked with an upwards-pointing arrow).
  • 6. Next, choose Add to Album
  • 7. Next, tap on the album that you wish to add photos to.

You can also change the lead image of the album – rather than using whatever the default first photo was.

How to delete iPhone photo album

You can delete any iPhone photo album at anytime.

Here are the steps to take…

  • 1. Open your Photos app
  • 2. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and select albums
  • 3. Now click See All in top-right
  • 4. Click Edit in the top-right corner
  • 5. For any album you wish to delete, tap the red circle
  • 6. Next, choose a Select Album

Importantly, you won’t lose the photos within the album – they’ll stay saved to your iPhone.

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The album will not be deleted. You’ll also lose all of your photo curation.

You should choose Remove from Album if you want to delete any photos from an album. This will protect the images from total deletion.

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Must-know iPhone hack will change how you use photos forever – and it's so easy

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