Mums complain Channel 5’s Milkshake left kids ‘screaming & in tears’ after ruining favourite shows with bizarre ad

FURIOUS mums have blasted Channel 5 for leaving their kids in tears after their favourite Milkshake shows appeared tiny on screen.

The broadcaster’s morning cartoons – which include Fireman Sam and Paw Patrol – were this week reduced to a small bubble on one side of the screen next to a large ad for Milkshake magazine.

Furious mums blasted Channel 5 for leaving their kids in tears after their favourite Milkshake shows were taken over by a huge ad


Furious mums blasted Channel 5 for leaving their kids in tears after their favourite Milkshake shows were taken over by a huge adCredit: Twitter

It meant that the actual shows that kids love were hardly visibly, with the advertisement reportedly staying onscreen for the duration of at least three shows.

The bizarre advertisement caused a stir at home and mums demanded that the normal programmes be restored to the original size.

Angry parents were seen venting their frustration on Twitter, with many reaching out to Channel 5 to complain, as they claimed the ads had left their kids “screaming at the screen” and “in tears”.

One mum tweeted: “Come on milkshake production team I have a 3 year old in tears here!!!!”

Another said: “This is the 3rd time this has happened this week. 3 year old going into meltdown because he can’t watch Paw Patrol properly, the last 2 mornings it’s been Fireman Sam. A meltdown over the tele is the last thing I need when I’m trying to get them ready to get out the door for work”

One annoyed dad fumed on social mediaa: “Awful decision making from @channel5_tv so far this week. My daughter doesn’t want a massive advert for a magazine dwarfing the screen and the programmes she loves.”

“Has someone gone for a tea break and left the milkshake magazine advert on? Three shows in and it’s still on. Turned over now as it’s ridiculous,” quizzed one mum.

“@channel5_tv hi what is going on with the advert for the magazine you need to remove this taking up too much of the screen my little boy is upset he can’t see it properly on @milkshake_tv5,” One more.

Many others were put off by the new format and branded the advert “shameless” as they turned over to other children’s TV channels instead.


Responding to the furore online, a spokesperson for Channel 5 stated the ongoing advert was due to a technical error.

“Due to an incident at one of our broadcast partner’s premises over the weekend, we are continuing to experience disruption to some of our services,” They stated.

“This unfortunately led to us being unable to transmit Milkshake! This morning, we will transmit Milkshake in its normal format. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our viewers.

“We’re working closely with our partner’s engineers to get the technical issue fixed and resolved ASAP.”

Milkshake is a milkshake program for children aged 2-5 years old. It airs on weekdays from 6am-9:15am and weekends from 6am-10am.

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