Mum shares one word that gets her children to stop shouting and start listening.

MUM reveals her secret to getting her children to listen to her without making them moan.

Jo on TikTok is the mother who posted the video. jothemama2.0It has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

Jo shared her trick with her followers and said it's all about the tone and volume


Jo shared her secret with her followers, and stated that it all comes down to the tone and volumeCredit: jothemama2.0/TikTok

Jo demonstrated how she uses the word “HEY!” to get her boys’ attention in an earlier video.

The video she made with her older camera shows her children running and making lots of noise around her.

Jo’s louder, more serious voice prompts the children to stop whatever they’re doing and instead focus on Jo.

People claimed that Jo’s voice was so soothing and they loved hearing it.

She explains why “HEY” works so well in the video.

Jo said, “You can use volume or tone to attract attention of people around you without invoking an emotional response.”

“My trick is that I don’t follow ‘HEY’ with more yelling.”

She continues, “Let’s give you an example of where this technique is used frequently and it’s very efficient.

“Think of a school gym teacher, amidst a game of dodgeball,”The instructor isn’t going around to each student and ask them questions. “Hey buddy here’s what we’re going to do next.”

“No. They will blow a whistle.

“The whistle doesn’t mean “It means “You’re all in trouble. Sit down, be scared”.

“It’s efficient, cuts through the chaos and leads everyone to feel less frustrated.

“So, find the version of the gym whistle that works for your kids and use it, but use it wisely.”

The idea was loved by parents and many could verify that it worked.

One user wrote: “My husband uses “OI!” Every kid anywhere near him (not just ours) stops and looks at him”

Another user commented “It also works because if you lack yelling in general in your house, raising your tone gets a “”Oh, this is important” response.

A third person replied: “Mine is “HOLD” I didn’t even realise until I saw this video. I started it when my kids were big enough to ride bikes in the strett while I walked.”

Jo said any word would work as long as you have the right tone and volume to your voice


Jo said that any word can work, as long as it is in the right tone of voice and volumeCredit: jothemama2.0/TikTok

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