Mum shares a super-easy technique on how to get your baby to fart when they have painful gas

WORKING out why your baby is crying is a nightmare – particularly for exhausted new parents.

Sometimes it is hunger, sometimes it is a nappy changing, and sometimes it can be trapped wind.

Savvy mum Kasey showed mums what to do when their baby has painful gas


Savvy mum Kasey showed mums what to do when their baby has painful gasCredit: TikTok / kaseybuscemi

If you don’t know what to do with your little one has painful gas – don’t worry. Kasey Buscemi, a mum and influencer, has a simple exercise.

The savvy mum uploaded the TikTok video with the caption: “When your baby is super gassy.”

In the short video Kasey can be seen moving her baby’s legs up and down, the gently stretching them out.

She rolls both her legs in a circular motion toward and away from the baby’s bottom.

The tiny baby will let out a few farts. This releases painful gas and brings more comfort to the baby.

This video has been viewed more than 21,000,000 times.

One said: “I can tell by your face that this is a regular activity and you should be so proud of yourself!! You’re making that baby feel so much better!”

While another joked: “I need someone to do that to me.”

And a third said: “Always did this with my daughter UNTIL I did it during a diaper change and a turd flew out at me… scariest day of my life! But it really does help!”

The mum then rolled her baby's legs around in order to release the painful gas


The mum then rolled her baby’s legs around in order to release the painful gas

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