Mum reveals the easy way to sooth your toddler’s teething in seconds

A TEETHING tot can be difficult to manage and mums would do anything to provide them even the slightest relief.

But one parent has a genius trick up her sleeve which helps sooth aching gums in seconds and it’s sure to work every single time.

The mum show how a baby's dummy can help sooth teething


The mum show how a baby’s dummy can help sooth teethingCredit: tiktok @mumma_ofthree

Mum-of-three Vicky Marie Wheeler shared the tip in a clip on TikTok and all you need is a dummy.

She starts by pressing the teat into a bowl of water which will fill it up with liquid.

Then she pops it in the freezer where the water turns to ice.


This means the little ones will have an ice cold dummy to suck on which will offer instant relief for aching gums.

The video has now racked up over 314, 000 likes, most from thankful parents grateful for the tip.

“That’s actually quite clever, I’ll definitely give that a go,” one parent said.

“My kids are adults now but I did this and it was a lifesaver,” wrote another.

Some mums said their kids don’t like anything cold on their hums while teething, but if yours do, perhaps give it a go.

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She pushes the teat in water until it fills up


She pushes the teat in water until it fills upCredit: tiktok @mumma_ofthree
then she freezes it so it's nice and cold when the bub sucks on it


then she freezes it so it’s nice and cold when the bub sucks on itCredit: tiktok @mumma_ofthree
Mum’s teething hack for her baby goes viral – but experts warn parents NOT to try as it’s a choking hazard

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