Mum-of-22 Sue Radford shows off fancy £750-a-piece mattresses for kids’ rooms & people are stunned by the price

LIFE can be expensive if you have children. Imagine how much Sue Radford must spend on her family.

Sue, 46, who is mum to Britain’s biggest family, recently showed off the fancy £750-a-piece mattresses she bought for her daughters’ room, and people were shocked.

Sue and Noel Radford are parents to Britain's biggest family but live a rather swanky life


Noel Radford’s parents, Sue Radford, are the parents to Britain’s largest family. However, they lead a very luxurious lifestyle.
Sue showed off how she has bought new mattresses for her kids, which aren't cheap


Sue displayed how she was able to afford new mattresses for her children.Credit: INSTAGRAM

Sue displayed her flashy purchase and wrote about it. Instagram: “We just upgraded the mattresses in the girls’ bedroom to @emmasleepuk mattresses and they are so so comfy!”

Many people were quick to go online and check out the mattresses. One fan said, “I don’t believe it!” “I just had a look.. £749 gonna cost you a fortune Sue.”

An additional: “Oh if only I could afford one lol.”

One person, however, suggested some more affordable alternatives and commented: “Grab a bargain Lidi are selling at the moment £199 for a single & £329 for a king.”

Sue and Noel (50) are from Lancashire and have two children, Chris, 32, Sophie 27, 26, Jack, 25, Daniel, 22, Luke 21, Millie 20, Katie, 19, and Tillie.

Alfie, the 17th child of the couple, was still born on July 6, 2014.

The family famously doesn’t rely on benefits and is supported by their pie shop business. 

The Radfords, who own a 10-bed former nursing home, frequently post photos of their millionaire lifestyles on Instagram.

This includes having an outdoor cinema, TV bed, and a £30,000 Range Rover car.

The family have recently opened their doors for Channel 5’s 22 Kids and Counting show, which documented their lives under one roof. 

In the show, Sue revealed they have spent £1million raising their large brood and she has been pregnant for 16-and-a-half YEARS.

Her children seemed very happy with their new mattresses


The new mattresses made her children very happy.Credit: INSTAGRAM
People were amazed at the cost, but said they looked comfy


The cost was shocking to many, but they said that it made them feel comfortable.Credit: INSTAGRAM
Noel built a bar for the back garden for him and Sue to enjoy


Sue and Noel enjoyed a bar in the back garden, which Noel constructed.
Britain's largest family the Radfords were seen unwinding in their hot tub


The Radfords, Britain’s largest family were seen relaxing in their hot tub

We previously shared how mum-of-22 Sue Radford lives a millionaire’s lifestyle with a £30k Range Rover, outdoor cinema & hot tub.

The Radford family was even more blessed when Sue and Noel revealed that a new grandson was in the making.

We also revealed inside the garden of Britain’s biggest family where Sue and Noel Radford have a cinema, hot tub and bar.

Britain’s biggest family the Radfords looks back at 2018 Christmas with stacks of presents and a roast for 22 kids

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