Mum criticizes ‘humiliating water park rules for ‘body shame’ teenage daughter

A MUSEMENT PARK has apologized for body-shaming teens who wanted to use water slides.

Some guests were shocked when the staff asked them to stand on a scale at the water park. Customers complained that they felt uncomfortable. “fat-shamed.”

The weighing scale was introduced recently in the park


In the park, a new weighing scale was recently introduced

Adventure World, Perth, Australia introduced the weighing system in order to “manage safety at the park”.

The system allowed guests to be weighed as they stood in the line for the slides. If the light on their scales flashed red customers would be deemed overweight and asked to move.

One mother spoke up The West Australia About how her 13 year-old daughter was a victim to the “humiliating and embarrassing”Before you go down the waterslide, make sure to check your weight.

“My eldest daughter took my youngest daughter, who has special needs up the slides. She noticed the weight machine but just lined up with her sister and her friends,”The mum agreed.

“Once at the top she was stopped and asked to stand on a weight machine. After the lights flickered red the operator walked over to her and said sorry, you weigh this amount and you can’t go down,”She said.

The mother was devastated when her teenage daughter, who had been walking down the stairs with her, made it back to her. “walk of shame”.

After the incident, their mother demanded a refund on their season ticket. This was granted.

The company has now apologized and admitted to having handled the new system ‘poorly’. Andrew Sharry, CEO of the park, issued a statement on its Facebook page.

It said: “In our efforts to introduce important systems to better manage safety on some of our waterslides, we have handled the communication of these new waterslide systems poorly and we have upset our Guests.”

“On Monday, I connected with an expert who specialises in body image and eating disorders, and I can now see how these waterslide safety systems would be received as traumatic and upsetting for some of our guests and members.”

“I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to our guests and family members. Our purpose is to bring happiness and create magical memories. We did not achieve that at this time, but I recognize that we can improve.

“I have spoken with the family involved and have personally apologised for the hurt that we have caused.”

According to the mum, she was approached by other guests at the waterpark and fell prey to the same. “humiliation.”

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One mum requested a refund on her season ticket after her daughter was weighed and turned away from a slide.


After her daughter was turned away from a slide by a weigh-in, one mother requested a refund for her season ticket.
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