MTV writers call out ‘ridiculousness” in their unionization drive

MTV writers call out 'ridiculousness" in their unionization drive

Writers want, among other things, an increase in their pay, a clear definition of residuals and better working conditions.

The writers of MTV’s Ridiculousness are looking at unionizing in the near future. In the last few weeks, MTV’s Ridiculousness writing team has gone through unionization in order to join their WGA scripted counterparts who are on strike. According toDeadline, many of the writers on the show, which regularly airs for over 100 hours a week on MTV, have sent their ballots for an election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and a large majority of them voted in favor of unionizing in the vote. The NLRB is counting the votes on the 11th of September. Once the results are known, the WGA campaign will begin and negotiations will commence with Superjacket Productions and Purple Shark Productions.

Writers are demanding improvements to working conditions. This includes an increase in salary, a defined residual, and requesting that MTV order more series rather than solely relying upon the Rob Dyrdek fronted title for viewers. It is the very first time in recent memory that an unscripted program has been organized. The writing staff at Paramount, MTV, and Rob Dyrdek are fed up of being underpaid and abused by ‘unscripted’ TV. We are the writers of one of the highest-rated shows on TV, but we’re paid only 60% more than WGA writers who work forAmerica’s Funniest Home Video“, writer Ally Maynard saidDeadline. Dyrdek Brim, Sterling Brim (aka Stello), and Sterling Brim have hosted the show since 2011. It has over 1200 episodes in 34 seasons. It consists of a series of viral videos, with Dyrdek’s panelists all mocking them and reacting throughout.

The company has created a number of spin-offs over the years.Amazingness,Deliciousness,Tiffani Thiessen was the host.AdorablenessJames Davis and others were featured.MessinessThrill One Sports & Entertainment was formed in 2020 after a merger between Nitro Circus, Dyrdek’s Superjacket and Street League Skateboarding. Raine Group and Causeway Media Partners provided venture capital funding in 2020 in order to form Thrill One Sports & Entertainment after a merger between Nitro Circus and Dyrdek’s Superjacket and Street League Skateboarding. Superjacket, formerly known as Thrill Media, was purchased by Fiume Capital & Juggernaut Capital Partners last year for $300m. Maynard stated that they plan to fight it out every step along the way.

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