MSNBC Allegedly Replacing Rachel Maddow With Veteran Anchor, Industry Rumor Claims

Has MSNBC finally settled on an anchor to replace Rachel Maddow? The popular pundit’s decision to scale back at the network has reportedly put another reporter on a straight-shot to the top. Here’s what one tabloid is saying.

Unexpected Anchor ‘Calling Shots At MSNBC’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports MSNBC may have finally found its replacement for Rachel Maddow. Apparently, anchor Nicolle Wallace has quickly become a fan favorite at the network, consistently bringing in the ratings to her 4 p.m. slot. And now, network execs are reportedly eyeing her up for the big leagues. “If Nicolle can score over a million viewers in her sleepy afternoon time slot, can you imagine what she would get in prime time?” an insider questions. “Nicolle is the new Queen of MSNBC!”

Who’s MSNBC Replacing Rachel Maddow With?

So, is Nicolle Wallace going to take up Rachel Maddow’s coveted 9 p.m. slot at MSNBC? We have absolutely no way of knowing where she stands with in line, which means the tabloid probably jumped the gun with this story. Notably, this isn’t the first time Wallace’s name has come up as a possible replacement for Maddow. As far back as September, NBC executives reportedly said that “Nicolle is the most obvious in-house candidate” to replace Maddow. So, this tabloid’s report isn’t exactly groundbreaking.

But it doesn’t look like MSNBC is looking to outright replace Maddow just yet. Maddow decided to scale her show back to once a week at the start of this month, meaning she isn’t just disappearing. For the time being, the network seems content filling her time slot with MSNBC Prime—which, for all intents and purposes, is The Rachel Maddow show without Maddow. The show is currently being hosted by anchor Ali Velshi, but it’s unclear how long this arrangement is meant to last and the network could very well see another switch-up at the drop of a hat.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that this outlet was just blowing smoke. No one knows what the future of Maddow’s primetime slot will be—it doesn’t even seem like the network knows yet. So, it’s a bit premature to start calling Wallace the “new Queen of MSNBC.”

More MSNBC Gossip From The Tabloid

The National Enquirer is constantly trying to get ahead of MSNBC by gossiping about its lineup, but the tabloid is constantly falling short. Back in March, the outlet reported MSNBC was considering replacing Maddow with Chuck Todd. Then the magazine claimed Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski was creating a toxic work environment. And most recently, the tabloid alleged Brzezinski was in danger of being poached by CNN. Clearly, the Enquirer doesn’t really have spies lurking around MSNBC.

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